Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Asia got her hair cut last month and I love it. Everyone tells me it fits her personality. So here is the funny story about Asia:About 2 weeks ago, she came to me with orange running out of her nose. She was whining and sticking her finger up her nose. At first I thought that for some reason she was bleeding, then after further investigation, I found that she had stuck an orange tic tac up her nose. She was very uncomfortable and wanted me to get it out. No matter what I tried it would not get out. Then I tried to get her to blow it out. Kara and I were both trying to show Asia how to blow out her nose. Kara was getting boogers all over her shirt, trying to show Asia how it was done. When that didn’t work I plugged one of Asia’s nostrils and blew in her mouth to see it that would dislodge it. It didn’t. Finally I gave up and let her play. She didn’t seem uncomfortable. After about an hour I look again and it was gone. I am not sure if it dissolved or if it slipped down and she swallowed. Only now can I laugh about it. I hope that I tortured her enough that she won’t try it again.

We have just moved Asia from the crib into a big bed. We actually put up the bunk beds. Asia loves her new found freedom. The first few nights she would get out of bed and give us a smile that said “Ah hah! Look what I can do!” She quickly learned that she was not free to get out of bed when she wanted to. Now that Asia is in a big bed I love nap time. This is because Asia likes to have me lay next to her when she is falling asleep. I normally fall asleep. Kara, bless her heart, always lets me sleep for at least a half hour. Of course, she knows that when I wake up she will get a little treat, for being so nice to her mother.


Tyler hurt his ankle, yet again. He was so excited to get back from Yakima and start playing again. "I just stepped wrong". I am not sure that stepping wrong can to that much damage. It took him a whole week of limping around until he finally went to the doctor, who said, "you'll be fine." And he is just fine. But not playing soccer again yet.

Kara and Asia and I went to the pumpkin farm. Asia and Kara had fun seeing the animals, running through a hay maze, picking out their very own pumpkins and eating ice cream. It was the only day all week that it did not rain.