Sunday, January 6, 2008


In the whirlwind of December, I did not get a blog out. So, for all three of you who read my blog, Finally an update!
First of all my play went okay. I loved it. Tyler, my over critical husband, was not so enthusiastic about it. When he realized that he had hurt my feelings, I got flowers on my desk at work. I had to remind him that it was a ward play and none of us have acting experience. But we all loved it so much!
I live in the world of pretend. Kara has to play pretend everywhere we go. Everytime we get in the car…. “Mommy, lets pretend that we are getting into an airplane and going to grandma’s house. You are the pilot and dad is the person with the pilot. I am the mommy and my name is Carrlissadole and Asia is Marydawndo.” (Of course Asia yells, I am ASIA!). Then... when we sit down to eat. “Daddy lets pretend that I am the princess, Cinderella, and you are the prince and this is the ball and we have to eat at the dance and you have to talk to me.” ……… The funniest part is when she is making up names for us.

Playing pretend, however, is a good way to get my girls to clean. Tonight I needed to clean the house, which was a disaster. I told Kara that we were going to pretend to be janitors. People would call us and ask us to clean their house while they were on vacation. We had to get it all done before they got home. We cleaned Suzie’s house (Kara and Asia’s room), Mallcilo’s house (my room). Annacore’s house (the play room) and Barbie’s house (the living room) Each room that we cleaned we pretended to be disgusted at how dirty it was. When we were done Kara wanted to clean some more, but I was too tired.

Late November we went to the So You Think You Can Dance "Concert." It was a blast. I was on the 4th row. I am getting my concert fill in, so that when I leave the "big city" I will be concerted out. We also were able to take Kara to the Nutcracker ballet. We all got dressed up (Asia stayed at the babysitter) and went down town for Kara's first ballet. She loved it! She has been twirling and dancing all over the house. And may I say that her dancing is much improved due to seeing real dancers. Now she wants to be on stage and dance. I told her she was just a little to young yet.

I do have a few funny stories about my children... 2 days ago I went out to run a few errands. I was calling Tyler a lot because I needed to ask him about toys I was finding for the kids. All of the sudden he stopped answering my calls. I figured he was probably just sick of discussing presents with me. When I got home he told me the real reason. His phone was in the back room with the battery off and the fan was blowing on it. Apparently Tyler had given his phone to Asia to play with in between my calls. She had then lost it. While Tyler was looking for it Asia told him she need to go poop in the toilet (this usually means she has already pooped in her diaper). When Tyler pulled off the diaper, out falls his phone covered with gooey, chunky poop. Tyler was so dumbfounded he didn’t know whether to scream at Asia or laugh. He had to take the battery off and scrub the phone under running water to clean it off. I hope this is not a new phase… Asia sticking things into her diaper before she poops. It might not be so bad if she had solid poops yet, but she eats too much fruit!

Next story: Asia has a hard time with Justus. She doesn't like that he is a baby and gets alot of attention. When she found him climbing on her crib, she immediately threw him to the ground. Having watched this I told Asia to say sorry and give Justus a hug. She refused and got sent to bed. She screamed and threw a tantrum for 10 minutes. When she came back out, she still would not say sorry to Justus. At that time Kara and I were eating string cheese. Asia of course wanted some. I told her she couldn't have any until she said she was sorry to Justus. In stubborness, she rufused and threw another tantrum. Kara, having witnessed this interaction, came up and asked me, "Mom, can I say sorry to Justus so that Asia can have a peice of cheese?" Sweet, sweet Kara. I told her that while that would be a very nice thing to do, it would not help teach Asia to say sorry.

(Asia did finally say sorry to Justus and give him a hug. -just so she could have some cheese.)

Christmas was so much fun! Tyler and I didn't give much to each other because we had so much fun doing christmas for the kids. Asia got a baby that cries (suprizingly not that annoying) and a crib to go along with it. Tyler and I spent hours sanding and painting, and making bedding for a baby crib that Kara picked out at a second hand store. Kara got a Ken doll and a baby horse. Also, the kids got the mega cranium fort from Santa. They love it! It is a mess though. Sometimes I wish Santa would think about how much more the parents are going to have to pick up when he gives them these gifts!