Sunday, February 24, 2008

So the last few months have been spent deciding what to do for residency. Do we move closer to family? Stay put so I have a good job? Move so Tyler can go to a better program? Etc....... Everyone tells us not to worry so much. It is only three years... You'll get good training wherever you go... We have learned that no matter where we go, despite the fact that we both will have a paying job, we will still not be able to buy a house. Crazy huh!

Kara wants us to move because she has it in her head that after we move she can have a new baby in the family. I don't think she is right. Also she wants to be closer to grandma's. We have to make a decision this week. Match day is coming up.

This week has been beautiful here. The sun has been out and the days have been warm. Today we went to the beach and threw rocks in the ocean. Asia was so determined to throw every rock she could find into the ocean that we had a hard time pulling her away from the beach. Then she kept asking why her shoes were all wet. Go figure!

Kara has been obsessed lately with making snowflakes. Once I showed her how to fold the paper and cut to make a snowflake, she was hooked. She made all of these snowflakes, except for two. Can you guess which ones I made? (I am pretty proud of myself).

Why can't Asia sleep in her own bed? At first it was cute that she climbed into our bed in the middle of the night. Then it became annoying. First of all she sleeps between us. And she kicks us all night long. And she does not like the covers on and kicks them off all night, while I freeze! So she was kicked out.......

So, when she comes into our room in the middle of the night, she has an option. She can go back to her own bed or she can sleep on the floor in our room. You can she that she most often chooses to sleep on our floor.

You will notice the beautiful blanket that I finished quilting and tying. It is a quilt top given to me by Grandma McBride and quilted on my new quilt frame from christmas!

Often times Asia is at a loss. She wants to sleep in our room but we are not in there yet. We are still watching TV in the living room. It is at these times that we look down the hall and find Asia asleep on the floor at the end of the hall. She is such a social being!

Then there are times that we all just want to play. This day we all made a bed in the hall and cuddled up for naps. We never got around to sleeping though.

Then there are times that the mom is busy and the kids are left to there own devices. I call this "just veggin"