Thursday, April 17, 2008


Asia and Kara's Easter dresses. As soon as they put them on, they were twirling and dancing around the house. They wore them all day. Here is a picture of Asia twirling...

Tyler has been the stay at home mom lately. I have been studying for my board exam, which I took today. I won't find out how I did for 2 weeks. Anyway, I usually take the kids on their preschool field trips, but this time Tyler took them. They went to the farm. They got to see all the baby animals. They even got to feed a calf, which was the highlight of Asia's day.

Potty Training: DONE. I cannot take any credit for potty training Asia. Unless you count taking everyone’s advice and waiting until she did it on her own. I can’t say I didn’t try to help her along. 4 months ago, I bought her pretty panties. She wanted to wear them but did not want to go potty in the toilet. So I told her she couldn’t wear them until she would go potty in the toilet. She seemed okay to let them sit in her drawer. Then 2 months ago, I bought her “soft panties”. This time she would go potty in the toilet once and then have an accident immediately later. I told her that she couldn’t wear her “soft panties” until she wanted to go potty in the toilet all the time. Again, she was content to let them sit in her drawers.
Then amazingly enough 1 week ago, she woke up and told me she wanted to wear her panties. She only has had 2 accidents the whole week. She has gone to daycare with panties, church with panties, and naps with panties. Of course, Kara is helping her a lot. She always keeps Asia company when she is sitting on the toilet, waiting to poop. And Asia does the same for Kara. (Infact, one of the accidents Asia had was while patiently waiting for Kara to finish pooping. – Asia was devastated and it look 10 minutes to calm her down.) She is so proud of her panties! I am so happy it has been so smooth. No potty charts, poopy underwear, or anal tantrums.

Here is Asia showing off her "soft panties".

Asia: “Bye, bye poo-poo. Bye, bye.” (as she is waving to the toilet, watching the poop twirl down the drain. Then, when it disappeared…) “Dad, where did the poo-poo go?”

Tyler: “It went in the toilet, down the drain.”

Asia squats down, looking at the base of the toilet, “The toilet is getting fat!”

Asia is getting a little, tiny bit better at sleeping in her own bed, but only if she is as exhausted as she is in these pictures....

But, when we do leave her to fall asleep, Asia finds ways to entertain herself while waiting to get tired...

Here is a "library" Asia made for us. I think she wanted us to check out books, but she fell asleep before we came back to check on her.

But this is the funniest story... Kara got a new scripture bag with a Book of Mormon from her primary teacher. Kara was so excited, she carried the bag everywhere for a week. One night I went into her room and she had the scriptures on her lap, open to Alma and she was fast asleep. She is taking her duty seriously, to read the scriptures every night! Even if she can't read yet.

Dad: "Kara, do you know why it is important to learn to read?"

Kara: "So when you grow up you can tell stories to your kids."

Dad: "Also you can read about things and learn a lot. Like about animals and snowflakes."

Kara: "And you can learn a lot from reading the scriptures too, Dad."

Dad: "Kara, do you ever doubt that you have your mother's genes."

(That is for anyone who knew me as a kid.)