Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We've moved!

So they say that if you have 3 major changes with in a month that you are at risk for a major breakdown. Tyler's arm surgery, moving, changing jobs, buying a house. I have had FOUR! But I finally feel like I am staying above water.

We took the plunge and bought a house. With in the first month of moving in the fridge burned up, the dishwasher stopped working, the built in microwave died, the sprinkler system was discovered broken and the dryer stopped drying the clothes. (There is much more, but those are the major things). Talk about "when it rains it pours". These things were in addition to the repairs we already knew the house needed.

Tyler took this picture of me cleaning the dryer vent (notice my stupidity of no mask)

After screaming, yelling, and crying we got to work. We had a repair man fix the fridge. Tyler fixed the sprinkler system (thanks to AMI grounds keeping experience), and I researched and found a way to fix (or extend the pathetic life of) our dishwasher. Then Tyler and I sacrificed our lungs and cleaned out what we thought was all of the dryer vent. We pulled out a full garbage can of lint! Come to find out it was only about 1/4 of the length of the dryer vent which snakes all the way through the house to the back, under the deck! BAD DESIGN. So the dryer is working but taking twice as long to dry the clothes. Thank goodness we already had a spare microwave.

So the house is in constant repair but many people tell me this is part of being a homeowner. (oh to go back to the simple life of renting). On the up side, I love the neighborhood. I live in a culdesac and it is wonderful for my kids! They have played outside every moment possible. It has only rained 2 days since we have been here and the sun is so beautiful.

Kara has taught herself to ride her bike without training wheels. The day she learned, she had to show everyone in the neighborhood. They were all outside cheering for her. She was so happy. She loves praise. Asia has inherited a flinstone car (Little Tikes) that she has been riding all around the neighborhood, making deliveries (chalk writing on the side walk).

Speaking of inheriting, all the moms in the neighborhood have been doing spring cleaning, so almost every week Kara and Asia are getting hand-me-down toys from the neighbors. It is like Christmas! Kara's favorite is a barbie that sings. (We are all sick of hearing the two 30 sec songs over and over and over and over and over!!!!)

Picture of Asia with her some of her inherited polly pocket dolls.

Work is going well. I really miss all my friends at my old job. No more Tuesday Subway's with Kim. No more chating with Lucia, Nancy, Cyndi, Liealoha.... I get my own office, but I just sit and read magazines insteading of socializing with friends. At first I was very depressed about all the differences between the jobs. Now I am realizing that although there are many differences each have their strengths and I will learn to love this job like I did the last job.

My new calling is Primary Pianist. Wow! I was so excited for an easy calling. I practiced all week. Then Saturday I got a call that the Bishop wanted to talk to me again. Oh no... I definitely am not so lucky. Another calling was issued on top of being Primary Pianist. AND TYLER DOESN"T EVEN HAVE A CALLING! How does he do it?
Well that's all for now. I know I don't update this near enough, but I am not sure how many people read it. So if you are bored enough to read my blog let me know and I will write more often.