Sunday, March 1, 2009



If sisters were flowers,
I'd still pick you.
I'd let the sun shine so you'd never be blue.
I'd show the world how beautifully you grew,
with bright bold colors and strength through & through.
If sisters were flowers,
I'd pick you right away.
Because you cheer me up and bring smiles each day.
If sisters were flowers, for what it's worth.
I'd always pick you ... the best sister on earth.

Author: Gina Lauchner

"Mom, I wish Asia and I were twins because then we could go to school together and wear the same clothes all the time."

When they are home, they do everything together...

They work together to solve problems, like how to get a sled to go uphill. And how to be safe when riding the sled (bike helmets!)

Sometimes Asia is the mom and Kara is the child. Sometimes Kara is the mom and Asia is the dog. Sometimes Asia is the mom and Kara is the Dad. But you never can tell because it will switch mid-game.

"Here Asia, you can use the little broom and I will use the big broom, cause I am bigger." Then they both go to work. Both are humming while they clean. A habit they picked up from their mother. Today it was high school muscial. I would have joined in but they were each humming a different song as loud as they could.

They love to play school. Guess who is the teacher....

They compliment each other. Kara invents the game and Asia brings the creativity. Kara just goes along with the changes Asia makes to the game. Here they were experimenting with stirring colored yogurt together to see what color came out.

Oh and the dancing! As soon as music comes on in my house, Kara and Asia have dresses on and they are dancing. They feed off each other to learn new dance moves and to perform for each other.

Asia always gets Kara to give her a back rub. I have never seen Asia give Kara a back rub though.

I love this picture. They are both sitting watching Hannah Montana -their favorite- TV show and eating -their favorite- apples (Kara - green, Asia-red with no skins) and cuddling with their "blue blankets" (Kara's really is blue which is why she named it that. Asia thinks that "blue blanket" means favorite blanket hence the name).

They truely are each other's best friend!