Thursday, November 1, 2007


Happy Halloween! It was a fun halloween. The kids went trick or treating 3 times! We went around our neighborhood on halloween night. The kids did not want to stop. There are not many kids who go door to door in our neighborhood anymore, so every house would give our kids handfuls of candy to get rid of it. They got so much candy that either dad will eat it, or we will throw it out.

Kara was a cowgirl for halloween. She loved her costume and I got it for a great price. So sewing required! During trick or treating everyone told Kara that she was a very cute cowboy. To which Kara would reply, "I am a COWGIRL!" We even had to put make up on her because, "cowgirls wear makeup."

Asia was a unicorn. Asia was so proud of her costume. She wore it the whole night! Which was about 3-4 more hours than Kara wore it when it was hers.

Here are Kara and Asia in the same costume 3 years apart. Asia is much happier.

Yesterday, Kara fell and "hurt" her foot. Ever since then she has been limping (when convinient for her). Then last night she refused to walk on it. This morning she woke up and refused to walk. Tyler was frustrated with her, but was unable to convince her that her foot was fine. It was only after I told her that she would have to stay home from primary if she couldn't walk, that she immediately started walking on it, without a limp. What kids will do for attention!

I am in a play again. The performances are coming up in 2 weeks. Last year I had a blast. I was a gangster girl. This is my costume last year. This year I am an undercover detective. My part is not as melodramatic, but I am still very much enjoying myself. I only have about 2 funny lines in the play, but I nail them!

Kara and Asia are playing very well together, but the messes are getting more. They love to get all of my tupperware bowls out and "make cookies". On this day, however, they found out that it was fun to get their backsides stuck in the bowl.