Sunday, October 5, 2008

Birthday Month

This month is birthday month for our family. I got to plan and carry out 2 birthday parties. Asia's was first. She got one present from mom and dad, but it was a good one: Magna Tiles. I will have to show you a picture in a later blog, but she loved them. She had friends from the ward and neighborhood over. Although mom planned a few games (animal charades, bubbles, etc). The kids just wanted to roll around in the grass.

Kara was next. Kara wanted a cheetah cake for her birthday (Don't ask me why). This was the best I could do. When I asked Kara: "How do you like it?" She said: "Mom, it doesn't have black on it." Well you can't please everyone. Her friends thought it was cool. Kara's birthday was a little more stressful because Tyler was on-call that day and I had to manage 8 six year olds solo. Everyone had fun and the games were a little more successful (tightrope walking, beanbag throwing, dress up, etc.) Kara's only request for her party was a treasure hunt. It was a huge success here are the clues if you would like to read them:

Kara’s 5th Birthday Treasure Hunt

I am the monsterous fire breathing dragon and I have hidden your treasure. To find it you are going to have follow my trail and find my hidden clues. Arrgggg! Are you smart enough to find all the clues and get to the treasure? If you think you are, here is the first clue:

I love to hear beautiful music. But to hear this beautiful music you have to go to the black instrument and use the white keys. (Piano)

You have unlocked my music. Ha ha ha ha, but now I have captured a princess and put her to sleep in a bed at the end of the hall of many doors. (Princess on the bed)

So you have rescued my sleeping princess, now you must catch Nemo before he escapes my castle by flushing himself down a drain to the ocean. All drains lead to the ocean you know. (Nemo by the Toilet)

Oh fire boogers, I thought Nemo would escape, but it seems you have caught him. To find my next clue you must go where I can safely burn the fire I breathe. (Fireplace)

Hope you didn’t get burned by my fire. But alas you are all in trouble for there is an earthquake coming and if you do not find shelter under a wooden cave with wooden legs you will all be buried in castle rocks!!! Run! (Under the table)

So you have survived my earthquake and fire. You are smarter than I thought. So to prove you are really worth my treasure you must solve a riddle for me.

I roar and tumble and blow hot air. When I am done you have clothes to wear.
(Drying Machine)

All of Kara's friends loved the treasure hunt and at the end the treasure were the goodie-bags. There were a few of the girls that were scared that at the end a real dragon was going to pop out (Which made it all the more hilarious for me!)

Also starting last month was soccer for Kara. At first I was yelling hard from the sidelines because Kara would simply stand at the back of the "swarm" and twirl her hair. "Run, Kara!" Kick the ball, Kara!" Stop twirling your hair, Kara!" When Tyler heard, he called me a soccer mom and told me I just needed to let her have fun. The next game, I told her if she scored a goal, I would buy her a candy bar. It worked! She started to play very well! I didn't get any of her 5-6 goals on camera, but here is a little clip of her playing soccer:

I think she has her father's kick! At practice, they play a game to see who can kick the soccer ball the farthest and she always wins. Of coarse it helps that Tyler is always practicing with her. Unfortunately with his call lately he has not been able to make it to any of her games.