Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kara's arm

Today Tyler called me at work. Kara’s daycare had called him and asked him to come and pick up Kara, because she may have broken her arm. I was worried, but also knew how hard Kara could cry over a simple bump on the head. Tyler got to the daycare before me and called to say that he thought her arm was only dislocated and not broken. This, of course, brought back many memories of my childhood. I dislocated my arm many many times. Mom finally had the doctor teach her to reduce it herself, so she didn’t have to keep bringing me to the ER.

When I got home I took one look at Kara and knew it was simply a dislocation. I had reduced many dislocations in the Urgent Care center, where I used to work. Kara screamed as I held her arm, but within seconds it was done. Once Tyler her the clunk of it going into place he smiled. One more ER visit avoided. After a few more seconds of crying, Kara was moving her arm all around and pain free. Last night we had a family home evening about missionaries. For an activity Kara wrote a letter and drew a picture for Brett. When I saw the picture, I laughed my head off. Lets start with Kara. Notice how her hair is long and thick and “beautiful”. Then her shoes (which are high heeled shoes). She wanted to make Tyler “a funny person”. So she made a bow for his hair. I am not exactly sure why he is the only one in the picture who is naked. Me and Tyler have only one nostril, while everyone else has two, not sure what that means either. Of course the dresses have “puffed sleeves” They do look suspicious for something else though. And clouds in the sky… tells you about the weather here. So enjoy the picture.

I tried to get Asia to draw Brett a picture, but she was too distracted. She knows that after family home evening we have treats so she was anxious for the treats.

Right now my children are in the bathroom. No, Asia is not potty trained yet, but whenever Kara has to go to the bathroom, she invites Asia in and they “go potty together”. I guess it starts young. Asia plays in the bath tub while Kara works on “getting [her] poop out”. The funniest is when I go into see if she is done and she says: “There is one more and it is hard to come out” Oh, kids have no shame.

Speaking of funny things kids say, here is a conversation I had with Kara.

Kara: “Mommy, are giants real?”
Mom: “No Kara, giants are not real.”
Kara: “Mommy, are little people real.”
Mom: “Well there are some little people, but they are still about your size.”
Kara: “How about fairies? Are they real?”
Mom: “No Kara, fairies are not real.”
Kara: “Except for the tooth fairy, she is real huh?”
(This is when I realize that I should have seen this coming)
Mom: “Oh yes, the tooth fairy. I forgot about the tooth fairy. But I have never seen the tooth fairy. (Trying to cover up my mistake). Because she only comes when I am asleep.”
Kara: “How does she know when we are asleep”
Mom: “She just knows, like Santa Claus knows.”
Kara: “I think she knows when we are asleep because Heavenly Father tells her, and he knows everything.”