Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yellowstone vacation

Here are some picture of our most recent Yellowstone vacation. Everything was picture worthy. I had a great time.

Yellowstone Lower Falls.

Castle Geyser

Lodgepole pine hot pool

Mammoth Springs. I am so glad we made the drive!

Wildlife pictures:

Lindsey and Brett on the walk with a bison. They did not really follow this warning very well:

Yellowstones famous geysers:

Another fun picture. Warnings like this are all over Yellowstone. Sometimes I guess you just have to be graphic.

Asia had a really hard time with the "STINKY!!" geysers.

My kids' favorite: Old Faithful (and contrary to popular belief as "faithful" as ever)

The Family waiting for Old Faithful

Column at Lewis and Clark Caves (100,000's years in the making)

Chromatic Pool - Old Faithful Upper Geyser Walk (I love this picture!)

Yellowstone canyon. Looking from the falls.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Much prettier in real life!