Sunday, September 11, 2011

Asia's birthday party

Yesterday was Asia's birthday party. She wanted a Spy Party. When I asked what she wanted to do for her spy party, she said, "Spy on the boys!" I am pretty sure not all of her spy party guests would be happy with this. Instead, we had a spy training party.
We started by welcoming everyone to the CSS (Certified Spy School). Then they had to learn to disguise themselves by dressing up in spy outfits and glasses for a photo-op. Then we did an obstacle course, training them physically. The "guess-what-the-picture-is-of-on-my-back" trained them to interrogate people. The three-legged race trained them to get-away with someone tied or hand-cuffed to them.
Then we told them they had graduated from CSS and we needed them for a mission: Someone had stolen all the birthday presents! Oh No! They had to follow the clues to get the thief and retrieve the presents. The clues were all written in code and took them all over the house and yard. Each child was given an envelope with information to de-code each clue. For example, read the message in the mirror (the clue was written backwards), only read the words in red, cross out all the Bs and Cs, read only the letters in the boxes, etc. The kids had a lot of fun with this, but I didn't count on some of them not being able to read. Opps.
The cake was a question mark. Asia requested blue frosting and green polka dots. Then we sent them outside with dollar store water bottles for a water fight. This was great because it cooled them off, kept them busy until their parents came, and washed all the cake and frosting off their clothing! Of course Asia said the funnest part of the party was the spray bottle water fight! And they were so excited they got to keep the water bottles!
Tyler thinks these parties are more for me than for the girls. I love to come up with the themes and games. I get more excited for it than my kids do. Unfortunately, Tyler saw the Groupon for a YMCA swim party this week and Kara wants to do that for her party. Thank you Groupon!

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